Creating Value in Partnership with Management

Once we make an investment, we work closely with management to drive the growth of the company and help the company achieve its strategic goals. 


Our partners have decades of experience investing in and growing companies across a wide range of industries. Our investment experience has given us unique insights and perspectives, which we bring to our portfolio companies.  

Post-Investment Involvement

  • Short-Term: In the short-term, we work daily with the management team to provide guidance and support in key areas such as sales, marketing, and finance. 
  • Long-Term: As the company achieves its objectives, we generally reduce our day-to-day involvement and let the management team continue the growth with our oversight. 

Mergers and Acquisitions

We often assist our portfolio companies in making strategic acquisitions of competitors or ancillary businesses. Our team has significant experience in sourcing, consummating, financing and integrating strategic add-on acquisitions for our portfolio companies. 


We do not rush to exit an investment. As our portfolio companies attain certain milestones, we may seek an initial public offering or a strategic acquisition with the support of the management team.